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Emergency Gas Safe Plumber 24 hours & Is it safe to call a Gas Safe Plumber?

A question John Smith a plumber in London was once asked. "Is it safe to call an emergency gas safe plumber using a phone when in the house, if there is a gas smell". It then come to the attention of Martin Smith that the awareness of having to deal with an emergency gas leak is so important and can save lives if only people had the knowledge of what to do when in an emergency gas situation. It is also very important to know that when there is a gas smell and your calling the gas company is to go outside away from any gas fumes to call, or maybe use your neighbours phone.

Who to call when there is a smell of gas or a gas leak?

If you have a gas leak and are wondering, who to call, the number you will require will be for the gas board (Transco Emergency Gas Line). If you are woundering what is there number then our advice would be, is to call 0800 111 999. Transco will then advice you to turn off the gas supply and open all doors/window, not to use anything electrical, turn off anything electrical, dont spoke or light a naked flame and wait for Transco to come out. The staff at transco; are fully trained to ask questions such as where you smell the gas leak and by giving you the best advice possible.

What do the Emergency Gas Board (Transco) do when attending a gas leak?

What you will find when Tranco come to your property is, they will first make sure everything is safe and the gas meter is turned off. They will then test for a leak around the gas meter to make sure there is no leak before the gas meter. Once this has been determined then they will then test if there is a gas leak after the gas meter. If there is a leak after the gas meter, Transco will then blank the gas of by using a disc and then put a warning on the gas meter. It is then the responsibility for the occupant/landlord to arrange for a private Gas Safe Engineer and not an emergency plumber.

Is a Gas Engineer a qualified plumber and do Gas Safe Engineers cover an emergency situation?

It is always important to note the difference between a gas engineer and a fully qualified plumber, especially if you are in an emergency plumbing situation. When a plumber is only qualified to do plumbing only, the plumber must not work on any gas related issues which includes taking of the boiler casing or fitting any gas pipes unless present by a fully qualified gas safe registered engineer who will take any full responsibility to sign of the work that is gas safe related. As there is no licence for plumbing in the UK the gas engineer does not need to be a qualified plumber to do most type of plumbing in or outside the house and within the premises, which is privately owned. Due to Gas Safe fast track schemes it has been known that some qualified gas engineers are not qualified plumbers. The best advice would be to have a fully qualified plumber for any plumbing emergency issues, as experience is very essential.

Where can I find a gas safe registered engineer? (Example: Find a gas safe registered engineer or a plumber in London)

Finding an Emergency Plumber in London is possible an easy task as there is so many of them but when looking for a gas safe registered engineer then the best place to look would be the Gas Safe Register. The gas safe register has every gas engineer in the UK that is officially registered. If the gas engineer is not in the gas safe register then they are more than likely not going to be a registered gas engineer. It is always important when a gas engineer is at a property for the occupier or who ever is present at the time to ask for proof of ID which the gas safe engineer must show. The card will have a picture of the engineer and a registration number, which can also be checked upon if there is any doubt at all. Our other topics are; how to become a gas safe registered engineer and Gas explosion in the UK. We sub-contract our gas work to gas safe registered engineers. Always ask to see the Gas Safe ID card.