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Plumbing Information and Infographics by the Emergency Plumber Company

Plumbing History

Welcome to Martin Smith's information page where we have plumbing Infographic and plumbing information. The emergency plumber site started up in 2008 when there was not as many plumbing site's in existence. Talking about existence we have plumbing history to the right and if you want to see the bigger version then just click on the picture. Just to mention as from 14th March the site is going through an upgrade which due to the amount of page on the site it will be estimated to be completed by the end of July 2013. If you are looking for some very interest plumbing stuff then take a look at our plumbing articles.

As an Emergency Plumber specialist Martin Smith also takes care of the day to day plumbing blogs and updating useful information for people to read and to make there work even more easier expecially if this is an easy DIY plumbing job. The best article we have doen which gets most of the hits is Boiler Pressure page but our favorite article is about, what are the regulations for lead pipe? Remember the Gas Exposion in Oldham, it includes a young called Jamie Heaton, here is a picture of the house after the eplosion went off.

Plumbing History

Top 10 Plumbing Blog Post by Martin Smith the 24 hour Plumber:

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  5. Water Hammer (Loud Plumbing Noises)
  6. Who Invented the Toilet (Plumbing History)
  7. Water Information (Infographic)
  8. The best Auto Stop Valve
  9. Limescale in my Water
  10. How to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer