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How much should it cost to get a Gas Safe Certificate?

When calling round for a quote on a Gas Safe Certificate, people are always thinking how much should I be paying for a Gas Safe Certificate?

What you have to keep in mind is the time it takes for the Engineer to do the Gas Safety Test including the paperwork that comes with it.

We have looked in to this in a great deal and have taken into consideration in to what you should be paying.

Always keep in mind on how far the Engineer is travelling. If an Engineer tells you there is no call out fee at all, he is most likely not telling the truth and his hourly rate will be higher. The travelling cost is hidden in the price.

The cost for a Gas Safety Certificate can range between £45.00 and £140.00 on a domestic property.

Getting a quote for £45.00? Your most likely to find the Gas Engineer is new to the system and has not got alot of experience. We would say getting this done at this price you would be very lucky.

If your getting a quote for £140.00 plus then you are most likely being over charged unless you live in a remote area.

Emergency Gas Safe Certificate

If you require an Emergency Gas Safe Certificate then you would be expecting to pay the Emergency Plumbing Rate which we can do by giving us a call on 07720247247.

In no rush? Then you can either use our services where we will get you an Engineer to you with at least 24 hours notice or by searching the Gas Safe Register via our Gas Safe link in the navigation bar above.

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