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Emergency Plumber in Hampshire

Looking for an Emergency Plumber in Hampshire then you have come to the best site where we specialise in Emergency Plumbing in Hampshire which is near Reading and Bournemouth.

Emergency Plumber Hampshire

At present we have 2 Drainage Engineers, 2 Gas Engineers and 5 Emergency Plumbers Hampshire taking on 24 hour Plumbing in Hampshire.

Our Engineers include Gary Looker, Ben Close, Owen Pink, Alan Smith, Michael Reed, Adam Price and Joe Nicholson.

We have the best 24 hour plumbing service in Hampshire where we guarantee you an engineer unless there all out which is very unusual.

As an Emergency Plumber Hampshire we have been going now online since 2008, how ever Martin Smith has been qualified since 1997 which is over 15 years.

I got up in the morning, having a lazy morning to be honest then

Our Emergency Plumber Hampshire also covers an out of area service such as Bournemouth and Reading

All 24 hour Plumbers in Hampshire should carry an Emergency Plumbing Stock and the Correct Emergency Plumbing tools

From a survey for Emergency Plumbers in Hampshire it was found that we run the most relaible 24 hour plumbing service Hampshire.

So to note the most reliable plumbing services in Hampshire then we recommend you click on the box above next to the header where we will get you out an Emergency Plumber in Hampshire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every day of the year except for Christmas Day when I'm sat down with the family having Christmas Dinner or just call one of the engineers below.

Just below we have a list of other areas within the Hampshire area which we cover in hope you use us for the near future.

Our best of the plumbing

List of engineers covering the Hampshire Area:

  • For Gary Looker Call 07773 334 455 or 01202 515 963 (local)(9am - 9pm only)
  • For Ben Close Call 07533 736 566 or 01590 688 090 (local)(24hr)
  • For Joe Nicholson Call 07539 938 892 or 01256 811 903 (local)(24hr)
  • For Adam Pace Call 07967 231 496 (local)(24hr)
  • For Michael Reed Call 07976 249 969 or 01329 822 710 (local)(24hr)
  • For Alan Smith Call 07824 566 845 or 02380 601 429 (local) (24hr Drainage Only)
  • For Owen Pink Call 07449217746 or 07530 297 937 (local)(24hr)